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(Note: due to privacy concerns, we do not post a publically-accessible roster of the club membership.)

Kiwanis International

The homepage for Kiwanis International is where you can get all your Kiwanis-related goodies, like hats and keychains.

Cal-Nev-Ha District

Our district, encompassing the three states of California, Nevada, and Hawaii, is affectionally abbreviated as "Cal-Nev-Ha" (cal-neeve-huh). It has its own web page with information relevant to our whole district. (Namely, the District Convention.)

Division 12

There are (at last count) 47 Divisions in our District. We are one of about 16 clubs in Division 12. Division 12 also has a web page.

Yahoo! group: AlmadenKiwanis

We have a Yahoo! Group which we use for group communication through email. To join, send a blank email to AlmadenKiwanis-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Then, to send a message to the group, send your email to AlmadenKiwanis@yahoogroups.com.

Paying dues

Dues are payable at the end of the first month of the administrative year. (That's October. So, pay by Halloween.) As of this writing, dues are $135/year.

Dues can be paid in a variety of ways:

  • cash: if you're going to pay with cash, please do it in person at a meeting -- do not send cash through the mail because it has a tendency to never arrive.
  • check: checks can be mailed to the above address or hand-delivered at a meeting.

ID numbers

Here are some ID numbers that are occasionally needed:

  • Kiwanis club ID number: K12465
  • Division 12 ID number: K0212
  • Cal-Nev-Ha District ID number: K02
  • Pioneer Key Club: H91073
  • Leland Key Club: H83868
  • Simonds K-Kids Club: P01088


The state's determination of our nonprofit status is here.

Our Articles of Incorporation is here.

Our Conflict of Interest policy is here.

Our (2010 restated) club bylaws are here.

The Cal-Nev-Ha district's bylaws are somewhere around here.

The Kiwanis International bylaws are somewhere around here.